All pedals have a 2 year warranty from time of purchase for the original owner.  If your pedal should need repair due to faulty parts or issues NOT resulting from misuse, abuse, or operator interference such as modding, attempt to self repair, adjust, or alter, we will gladly fix it for no charge. You pay for shipping to Daredevil HQ, we take care of the rest.  Any repairs resulting from aforementioned circumstances will be billed to customer and paid before the item is shipped back to the customer. Just email us and we can iron out the details… we’re not here to hose anybody, the goal is to get this back in your hands in a  quick and affordable way.  All questions can be directed to  Daredevilpedals@gmail.com


We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. However, this ain’t a big box corporate chain store, do your homework ahead of time, try the product out if you are on the fence, and if things don’t work out… that’s what Reverb.com is for.  In other words, there are NO RETURNS ON DIRECT SALES which includes orders from daredevilpedals.com, daredevil official reverb page, and any other direct listings…  Our dealers have their own return policies, inquire with them if you have questions.


John loves building vintage circuit pedals in addition to our normal line of Daredevil.  If there is some old school Fuzz, Wah, boost, etc that you would love to have a new build of… send an email with a description of what you are seeking and we’ll get it worked out.  If you want some new design concept that you came up with including a picture of your cat on the enclosure…. it ain’t gonna happen. Sorry, it’s a small business and time does not allow for hours and hours of design work.  There are probably other brands that offer that service for tall stacks of cash. But if in doubt, just send an email… it never hurts to ask. There are NO RETURNS ON ANY CUSTOM ORDERS.  These are made just for you, and besides, who would want to resell a one-of-a-kind pedal anyways??